Burial, plot only £600
Attendance fee £150
Interment (digging and infilling, at cost) Contact your funeral director
Small marker stone by Caitriona Cartwright (approx cost)
NB The maximum permitted size of stones for burial plots is 40cm x 40cm


Plot for burial of cremated remains, plot only £200
Attendance Fee £50
Interment (at cost) £50
Scattering of cremated remains (attendance fee applies) £200
Small marker stone by Caitriona Cartwright (approx cost)
NB The maximum permitted size of stones for cremation plots is 30cm x 30cm
Any memorial stone produced by a stonemason other than Caitriona Cartwright will be subject to a placement fee £50

All designs for memorial stones must be approved by the management of Humber Woodland of Remembrance, before the stone is commissioned. There are very strict planning restrictions on the size and type of stone, which may be placed at Humber Woodland. Prices for interment are an indication only. Interment is usually included in the Funeral Director’s bill, under ‘disbursements’.

It is no longer possible to purchase a burial plot in advance. It is however possible to reserve a plot by paying a non-returnable Reservation Fee of £100.The balance is payable at the time of need, at the rate which then applies.

Tree price list

Medium trees £250 – £280
Small tree/Shrub £160 – £200

Any tree or shrub planted at Humber Woodland of Remembrance must be ordered through the management. Should a family wish to supply a tree themselves, this must be after consultation with the Management. A charge will also be made for such trees, as the prices of planting trees at Humber Woodland reflects the space the trees will eventually occupy.

Families may be involved in the planting of trees, if they wish.

Please remember, nothing may be placed or planted on or near a grave at Humber Woodland of Remembrance, without first referring to the Management. This is to ensure that we preserve the wild and natural appearance of the site, and also that we comply with our planning permission.

View our price list, or for more information please contact us.