Humber Woodland of Remembrance offers green burials in the beautiful Herefordshire countryside, surrounded by native wild flowers, trees and wonderful views. This beautiful site is run by Diane Thomas and her daughter Lizzie.

We see Humber Woodland of Remembrance as a long-term commitment. It is in a lovely position and the many trees, which we planted as landscaping, are growing in to a beautiful new wood, inhabited by rabbits, field mice, butterflies and many birds.

More trees and wildflowers are being planted as burials take place, and these are scattered randomly around the site, as families have chosen the exact spot where their loved one will be buried. This means that the woodland will develop in a very natural way, with a mixture of mature and young trees growing together. We can help you to source appropriate native wildflowers, please call us on 01568 760443.

Care of the woodland is ongoing, and we mow around the graves during the summer months. Other areas of grass are left long, to encourage wild flowers to become established and to provide a habitat for butterflies and other invertebrates.

We aim for a balance between wildness and care and respect for bereaved families, but it should be remembered that Humber Woodland is a native woodland, not a park, and that any flowers planted there should be native wild flowers rather than garden plants.

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