Coffins must be environmentally friendly and bio-degradable. There are many different kinds of coffin available, from cardboard, through to willow and bamboo to solid pine. They come in lovely pastel colours or can be printed with beautiful designs. Eco-pod coffins are available, made from very strong papier-mache, in a variety of finishes. Simple shrouds, hand-made from sheeps wool are ideal for natural, green burial.

Your funeral director will be able to supply a suitable coffin, but the following are some that we can particularly recommend:

Rustling Trees Willow Coffins, handmade in Mid-Wales.
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Winter Willow make coffins from English Willow. This is a community project supporting homeless people in Cambridge.
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Bellacouche, shrouds made from wool from rare-breed Welsh sheep.
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Greenfield Creations, pretty cardboard coffins, manufactured and decorated in England.
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Fine Timber Products based in Tenbury Wells supply woven coffins in many different materials, such as willow, bamboo and banana leaf.
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Woven Farewell Coffins, hand made in Wigmore.
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Sussex Willow Coffins are handmade by an artisan wicker weaver in Sussex, using locally sourced Willow and timber from the UK. Their unique Natural Willow Coffin is a highly sustainable wicker coffin due to the lack of rigorous treatment to the Willow, leaving the bark on and retaining the delicious woody scent. No man-made materials are used for these wicker coffins and their coppicing work also supports and maintains much needed wildlife habitats. Order by phone, email or online; they are able to deliver nationwide throughout the UK.
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