Green burial is a relatively new, but growing concept in this country. It is intended to fill the need for an alternative, environmentally sensitive form of burial, where graves are marked by trees or wild flowers, rather than headstones.

People of all faiths, or none, are welcome at Humber Woodland of Remembrance, and we try to accommodate your wishes as much as possible.

Funerals may take place at your own local parish church or other place of worship, or at any location of your choice, including at Humber Woodland of Remembrance itself, either at the graveside or in the shelter.

Environmentally friendly

Green burial is becoming increasingly popular, for environmental reasons among others. We are fast running out of space for burials in conventional cemeteries and churchyards. Seventy per cent of the 658,000 people who die each year in this country choose to be cremated, often because of this lack of space. However, Britain’s crematoria units emit 1.3 tonnes of toxic mercury into the atmosphere every year, and this figure is set to increase. According to DEFRA, mercury emissions from crematoria will be 2.2 tonnes by 2020, an increase of two thirds.

We believe it is preferable to be buried in a simple, environmentally friendly coffin in a beautiful and peaceful place. If a tree is also planted over the grave, this helps to absorb some of the harmful pollutants in the atmosphere. The bereaved family can gain much comfort from watching the tree grow and become part of the beautiful new woodland. In the longer term, families can even enjoy visiting the site, which becomes special to them: it is their own bit of countryside, which they have helped to create.

Grave markers

It is also possible to mark graves with small stones laid flat on the ground, which will be engraved with simple messages and a name and perhaps a date. People who have chosen these markers have been pleased with their stones, which provide simple memorials, beautifully carved with imaginative messages by our recommended stonemason, Caitriona Cartwright.


Green burial aims to be simple and as environmentally friendly as possible, but it also makes it possible to have greater flexibility in carrying out people’s wishes. For example, it is possible for families to reserve any number of grave spaces all together. It is also possible to scatter or bury cremated remains on a specially designated area of the site. Funerals may be held on the site, and we can help with seating, if this is required.

It is our aim to provide a different form of burial or remembrance, in a peaceful countryside setting. We believe there is great comfort to be had in the planting of trees and wild flowers and in being able to revisit the site and watch the woodland take shape through the different seasons.

The Association of Natural Burial Grounds

We are members of the Association of Natural Burial Grounds and are guided by their regulations and ethos. For more information about the Association of Natural Burial Grounds visit their website. The ANBG provide a Advance Funeral Wishes form which may help when planning for a funeral.

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