Humber Woodland of Remembrance

Risbury Court

Humber Woodland of Remembrance lies on the edge of Risbury Court Farm, a mixed farm, with pedigree Hereford cattle, sheep, cereals and cider fruit. Situated in Risbury in 265 acres, it is a beautiful environment in which to live and work. We are also lucky enough to have Risbury Camp, an iron age hill fort on our land.

Old hedges, grazed orchards and woodland characterise the farm. The old farm buildings are still intact and in use. We have buzzards in the sky over Risbury Camp, owls hoot around the buildings in the evenings and bats fly in and out. There are still skylarks in some of our fields, along with hare, roe and muntjack deer. Foxes and badgers have always been here, as well as all the everyday birds and beasts that we take for granted.

As we no longer grow hops, we have developed our hop kiln in to a venue for families to hold non-religious funerals and wakes. It provides an unusual, atmospheric place where you can create your own private tribute to your loved one, taking as much time as you wish.

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