Since we decided to close our gates while the Corona Virus rages, we have been thinking very hard about when we could open them again to enable families to visit their loved-ones’ graves at this time of extra stress and sadness for everyone.

We opened the gates today (23rd April) and intend to have them open between 9am and 5pm each day and to see how this goes. We will close the gates again, if government advice recommends it, or we find it necessary to protect the site or our staff.

Although we would prefer not to have any signs at Humber Woodland, we have decided that we should put some up for now at least. They will be there to remind everyone about the need for social distancing and to observe our Conditions of Use:

No picnicking or ball games, keep dogs on leads – basically to treat the area with respect.

We hope this will work out OK and that we can keep the gates open for everyone to enjoy Humber Woodland now in the beautiful Spring weather, after all there is enough space for us all!

Very best wishes and stay safe.