This year’s Wild Daffodil and English Bluebell bulbs have been delivered. We hope you will join us at The Hop Kiln at Risbury Court on 31st October or 7th November, anytime between 10am and 3pm, to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and collect some bulbs to plant on your loved ones’ graves.

There will also be a selection of wild flower plants from Plantwild, so it will be possible to find something really different and special to attract the butterflies and bees and also help you to identify where your loved one is, among all the wildflowers and grasses which flourish at Humber Woodland in the summer months.

The last mowing has taken place and the grass has been baled up into small round bales, which will be enjoyed by our Hereford cattle during the winter. The wild flowers have seeded and are also being tidied away, although we will be sure to leave some as shelter and food for all the insects, birds and small mammals that make their home at Humber Woodland.

With All Souls and Halloween fast approaching, and Remembrance Day following close behind, it’s a good time to have our own ‘Festival of Remembrance’ by planting bulbs which will flower and bring us joy on future springtime days.

We look forward to seeing you soon.