Autumn Bulb Planting

2021-01-22T13:25:44+00:0030 September 2014|

We will be having a bulb planting at Humber Woodland of Remembrance on Saturday 25th October, and Saturday 1st November, from 10am to 4pm on both days. We welcome families to come and plant Wild Daffodil and English Bluebell bulbs on their loved ones’ graves. The bulbs will be available [...]

Standing Stone Installation

2014-09-30T10:51:51+00:0030 September 2014|

On Saturday 27th September the Society of Ley Hunters finally placed the Standing Stone at Humber Woodland of Remembrance. This markstone celebrates Alfred Watkins and his personal revelation of a network of alignments across the landscape. There will be a launch event on the last weekend of June 2015. Photo [...]

Standing Stone

2021-01-22T13:25:27+00:0022 September 2014|

The Society of Ley Hunters will be busy erecting a Standing Stone in a corner of Humber Woodland of Remembrance next weekend (Saturday 27th September). It is to commemorate Alfred Watkins' discovery of Leylines - which took place at nearby Blackwardine, 30th June 1921, when he noted on the map [...]

Hay Making

2021-01-22T13:25:10+00:0019 July 2014|

We have taken advantage of the lovely sunshine to mow some of the grass at Humber Woodland. It was baled and hauled away just before the recent storms.

Spring Planting Day

2021-01-22T13:19:31+00:0014 March 2014|

The better weather makes us feel like planting flowers and this year's Spring Planting Day is on Saturday 29th March from 10am to 3pm. There will be tea and coffee at The Hop Kiln at Risbury Court, where we will have wild flower plants available to buy from Plantwild. We [...]

Stormy weather

2021-01-22T13:19:14+00:0022 February 2014|

Following the terribly wet weather we have experienced recently, we are feeling extremely lucky to have escaped the dreadful floods seen in Worcester, Gloucester and further south. Fortunately, Humber Woodland of Remembrance is situated on free draining ground and therefore not liable to flooding. The snowdrops have been flowering since [...]

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