The unusual weather we have experienced this year has affected Humber Woodland as well as the farm.

We are finding that some wildflowers have already gone to seed, such as ox-eye daisy and yellow rattle, others such as knapweed, are only just coming in to flower.

Some of the grass at Humber Woodland has been wrapped up in to big silage bales, and has already been eaten by Rob’s Herefords. We look forward to the rest of the grass being made into mini round bales, as we did last year.

We are lucky that none of our land floods so we managed to make some silage on the farm during the couple of dry days in late July. We hope the weather will improve during August so that we can make some late hay. We will need it for the ewes at lambing time.

Photo shows mini bales at Humber Woodland in 2011.