We still can’t quite believe that Linda Robinson is no longer with us. She died on the 4th June 2012, less than 2 months after launching her Burial Clouds from Risbury Court Hop Kiln.

Linda was a warm, vibrant, inspiring character, full of life and plans for her new business. Linda invented the Burial Cloud as an alternative to a traditional coffin. It is an eco-friendly woven-wool enfolding coffin, made from Ryeland fleece, whose purpose is to wrap the body in soft, comforting wool for burial.

Linda was buried in one of her Burial Clouds at Humber Woodland of Remembrance following a celebration of her life at Kinnersley Castle on Friday 22nd June. We will miss Linda so much and hope to be able to help Linda’s partner Louie and her friends, who will continue to produce her Burial Clouds.

Pictured Linda Robinson with her Burial Clouds.